Internal comms made awesome

AllHands is a network for company broadcasts, podcasts, and Q&A—with feedback tools to measure the impact.

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Alignment in the instant-message era

How AllHands works

If Slack, Yammer, Mailchimp, and Slido had a baby, you'd get AllHands. It's a Slack-style intranet.

Admins can post in the official feed. Meanwhile, everyone else can submit questions, react to posts, and create a dialogue.

Email notifications can be sent automatically. Or share the post link anywhere.

A time capsule for your team

The chat tools & video apps change over the years. AllHands doesn't.

Important moments get lost in the mountain of Slack & email. AllHands gives them more shelf life.

Optimize the impact with AllHands.

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Upgrade your comms & storytelling

No more emails, forms, and follow-up surveys. AllHands makes it easy to start an internal media arm.

Hold yourself to a higher standard with AllHands.

Upvote Q&A questions

Employees can submit name-attributed questions that get upvoted like Reddit. Leadership can make videos & posts addressing what's top of mind.

Ratings system

See if your message is resonating, without everyone knowing. Employees can rate posts out of 5 stars, quietly giving feedback and surfacing the best posts to new hires.

Creation tools & template library

Videos and posts are taggable, making it easy to create an ongoing series of content like CEO letters, firesides, & onboarding. More tools coming soon.

Use your existing workflows—or don't

AllHands makes it easy to start an internal media arm.

Upload video call recordings or simply type out anything that would be an all-company email.

Tagging and templates make publishing easy.

A place for Zoom/Meets recordings
Feedback & performance metrics
Onboarding & culture
HR & internal comms
Company mythology & history
A multimedia People Directory

A home for the most important thing

Give your org a place for lasting, important info. Made for multimedia.

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